Friday, April 08, 2005

Campus Life at CCC

I decided I would live in the dorms for my first year of school for two reasons: 1. I figured it would be a good way to get the full college experience and 2. I didn't exactly have the time to start searching Chicago for an apartment. The thing about my school is that it's an urban campus, and the dorms are really just over-priced apartments where you aren't supposed to drink. I love living in the south loop, but my "dorm" feels more like a hotel, and I'm paying an exorbitant fee to share a tiny room with a stranger (well, actually I have a room to myself now due to a lovely twist of fate, but it's still cramped because of all the furniture in here). Granted I have a great view of the lake and the library, but this isn't the dorm experience I expected.

We do have some of the dorm standards though - the elevators suck and most of the stairwells are locked (if there's a fire I'm resigned to my fate), you can get a contact high walking through the hallway, and people do really dumb stuff.

I understand that us young ones do some crazy things from time to time, but I think a line was crossed the day my apartment door was beaned. Yes, that's right, it was beaned. I understand the concept of TPing somebody, but beaning them? It's just night right. If you're going to make beans then you should eat them, not waste them. And if you're going to waste food by throwing it at my door then pick something less abhorent than beans.

When I woke up my roommate told me there was weird junk on the door, when I finally decided to shower and move about, I opened the door to discover there were brownish-gray streaks running down our door. The streaks smelled horrible - horrible like beans.

Realizing the beans weren't going to clean themselves off the door and tired of being pissed off and nauseated every time I went in or out of the apartment, I grabbed a bucket of hot soapy water and a rag. I had to scrub our front door for at least 15 minutes to get most of the bean residue off all because somebody decided that the entry way to my home made a better final resting place for some refried beans than someone's digestive track.

I hope and I pray that I can find a building to live in next year where I am the one doing the stupid stuff.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Watch as I deftly drop the ball!

Bah! So I've thought of starting this all up for quite some time but have thusfar put it off rather successfully. However, I am keeping so many journals for various classes that I figured I might as well throw some stuff up here. In addition to that, I'm having one of those happy giddy nights where you want to share it with somebody but it's not quite possible because nobody wants to hear crap like "My boyfriend's super awesome and he really does make me feel beautiful!" I know nobody wants to hear that crap because I have friends who say that crap and it's boring. Other people's relationships are only interesting when they're firestorms of antagonism.

Since the only thing really on my mind at the moment is something I will admit is entirely boring to anyone generous enough to read my words I really don't quite know what to say. It doesn't help that there's the pressure of this being my first entry and all. I must own up to the fact that I tend to be a rather scattered person as it is, so this might actually be quite indicitive of future entries. I will however try to be somewhat topical, even if I bounce quite a bit betwixt them.

Well, at least there's not too much presure to improve on my first entry, which I will do perhaps tomorrow when I am not so close to bedtime and hopefully have less homework looming over me. I'm just coming off of spring break and haven't cracked a book all week. Sadly it's not as though I have the excuse of lots of drinking and crazy sex - I spent a good chunk of my break in North Dakota visiting little cousins and my grandma, wild and crazy huh? Fortunately I am back in the city and my boyfriend finally made it back from his break safe and sound and I am trying to enjoy myself as much as possible before full homework panick-attack mode sets in - I'm thinking that will be like fifteen minutes.

Things will only get better from here - I promise! If all else fails I will bake muffins for anyone interested in some quality baked-goods